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Connect with patients where it matters most.

Vrtly’s point-of-care advertising platform promotes your aesthetics brand across our large network of in-practice screens. Influence the most qualified patients' treatment decisions when it matters most.

Practice playing brand content

Aesthetics-focused, industry-leading

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100 Screens

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300 Screens

400 Screens

Free, real-time content distribution 

Thousands of practices want to promote your brand on their screens. Ensure they have access to the latest and greatest content with real-time updates.


Simply create a free brand account and upload your latest photos, videos, or promotional offers. We guarantee your ads are only delivered in practices that carry your brand.

Expand your reach to a captive audience

Ready to increase impressions, reach, frequency and stand out from your competition?


Now you can set up and launch paid advertising campaigns on the vrtly network. Our platform streamlines the process of configuring ads while leveraging AI to optimize ad efficiency.

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Get started with the vrtly ad network

Whether you’re looking to claim your brand and upload your latest content for free, or your ready to launch an advertising campaign — we’re ready and here to help!

Looking for help?

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