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Content Guidelines

From the lobby to the treatment room, connect with patients through engaging content on screens powered by vrtly.

How does it work?

Whether you want to create specific content to play on in-practice screens or use existing content, simply upload your ads for free to our innovative cloud enabled marketing platform.

Rest assured knowing that your ads will only be played in practices that carry your brand. Even better, when you add or update content, in-practice ads will refresh in real time.


Upload and manage content for free

Run campaigns and schedule content

Track success through

impressions and conversions


Select the brands you carry
and upload custom content

Customize content

per screen with vrtSpace

Measure engagement through QR codes, brand tags, and call-to-action banners

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patients per month


impressions per month


Case Study

In a recent case study by HydraFacial, it was found that practices who used vrtly saw an 83% increase in treatments performed each month, equating to an additional 25+ HydraFacial treatments per month, per practice.


Engaging Content, Exceptional Results

The best ad content combines knowing your audience and telling a great brand story with established best practices. As the experts in your field, we don’t need to tell you that.

QR Code

QR Codes

Adding a QR Code to your ad will provide a quick way to track conversion. Easily overlay a QR Code to your content that takes patients to custom landing pages, appointment links, and more.

Call to Action Banners

CTA banners are a great option to encourage patients to take a specific action that can be used to track conversion. CTA banners can be overlaid on your content directing patients to schedule an appointment, text a code for current promotions, and more.

Call to Action Banner

Brand Tags

Tell rich stories to patients at the point-of-care with brand tags! Practices can add brand tags to their content, ensuring custom practice content like before-and-afters, promotions, and monthly specials and brand ads are played back-to-back. This drives brand awareness and trust, creating personalized, unified marketing messaging amongst the brand and practice.

Content Guidelines Cover

Content Guidelines

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