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Getting Started


Elevated Patient Experience

Enhance your patient experience with Vrtly. Let patients explore your offerings via your Vrtly screens while you focus on their care.


No Credit Card Needed

Vrtly is paid for by the brands you already carry. You won't have to manually update the brand content on your screens or track brand boxes.


Boost Your Revenue

Showcase your content on screens: monthly promos, before & afters, memberships & rewards, referral programs, and unique packages.

What You Will Need


Smart TV

Be near a compatible Smart TV: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Google TV.

Not sure? Scroll down to view a guide.


Setup Time

5 mins for Smart TV experts

30 mins for beginners

or delegate to a team member


Vrtly Account

Sign up, choose your brands, activate unlimited screens.

If you want someone else from your team to set up Vrtly, please enter their email here (or send yourself a reminder!)

Message sent!

Is My TV Compatible?

Check your remote

Check your remote for one of the icons shown below.

If you see any of these icons, your TV is compatible, even if the remote looks different.


Check Your TV's Home Screen

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