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Simplify your screen management with Vrtly

Designed for aesthetics practices, Vrtly is simplifying content management for your in-practice screens by connecting you with the brands you love.


Elevated Patient Experience

Manage all the screens in your practice from your Vrtly account, and never manually update a USB stick or playlist again. Select the specific brands you carry and customize the content for each room so you always maintain full control of your patient experience.


No Credit Card Needed

Vrtly’s content library is constantly updated by our brand partners, so you’ll never need to track down new videos again. Choose from hundreds of brands and thousands of videos that are perfect for your practice. Upload your own content too, so you have everything in one place.


Boost Your Revenue

Educate patients about the brands you carry and add your own custom content to showcase promotions, specials, memberships, and more on your screens to boost awareness and revenue. In a recent case study, Hydrafacial saw an 83% increase in additional treatments per month, per practice.

What is Vrtly?

Vrtly is the first Smart TV app-enabled marketing platform that gives you complete control of the screens in your aesthetics practice. Simply download the Vrtly app on your Smart TV and easily manage your screens. Plus, upload your own photos and videos, too.

Don't have a Smart TV? No problem. Vrtly is compatible with the leading brands of plug-in streaming devices which can be purchased through our affiliate link after onboarding by working with our Customer Success team.


How much does Vrtly cost?

Vrtly is free to practices thanks to support from our brand partners.

Can I add my own images and videos to Vrtly?

Absolutely! We encourage you to upload your custom content that can be played alongside brand content, and be enhanced with brand tags, QR codes, and CTA banners.

Do I need to create playlists in Vrtly?

Nope! Vrtly’s intelligent algorithm does all the work so you never need to create another playlist again. Simply select the brands you carry and upload custom content and Vrtly will do the rest.

Is My TV Compatible?

Check your remote

Vrtly is compatible with 90% of smart TV’s. Check your TV remote for one of the icons shown below.


If your TV supports Roku, Google, Amazon Fire, or Samsung and you see any of the below icons on your remote, your TV is compatible.

Don’t have a TV that is compatible? No problem!

Our Customer Success team will work with you to order a device that is compatible with the Vrtly app.


Check Your TV's Home Screen

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